A vision that drives you


Do you have a vision that drives you? What is that one thing that you think about when you go to bed at night and wake up in the morning? A divine vision is selfless and always starts as a burden.

This year I am celebrating my 20th anniversary in business. It is big milestones like this thatcause us to reflect on the journey. In 2002, a great vision was laid upon my heart. I can remember it like it was yesterday. That year I worked for a promotion in the company and I was asked to teach a group of women who wanted to know how I did it. As I walked up to the podium, I looked out over the room and saw a sea of RED. In our company, our suits reflect our levels of leadership much like the military. The RED jacket indicates the first level of leadership. These women were sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to hear my story. At that moment, I was celebrating a new leadership role and a great vision was revealed. Before I began teaching my class, I asked everyone to gather for a picture so I could have a visual of what it will look like when I lead 25  women to this leadership position. I had just read in a leadership book by Dr. John C. Maxwell that he had created a picture to represent what vision had been laid on his heart. So, the new goal was named Vision25.

Since 2002, I have earned several cars but but the license tag remains the same. The year our team earned the BMW, the message I received was to:

B-bless M- more W-women.

I am always looking for leadership lessons and signs. I am reminded from Habakkuk 2:2-4, “to write your vision upon tablets, it is for an appointed time and though it may tarry, it will surely come and to live by faith.”

This vision has not yet been fulfilled, however, I am just as passionate about it today as I was when it was revealed. There is a great work that is being done in preparation before the world sees Vision25.

What keeps me going?

The acrostic for VISION:


I -in





which keeps me focused on the goal. I ask myself daily, what am I doing today to influence others to share this vision? The fulfillment of a vision is more than a goal poster and day dreaming. It is taking action by faith and falling in love with the process of the vision.

What vision has been laid on your heart? What makes you cry? What makes you laugh? What is something that burdens your heart? Start there. Visions are birthed from burdens. As we hand over our burdens to God, He equips us for the journey to see visions fulfilled.

I invite you to plaster  your vision everywhere and walk in faith that God is doing a new thing.

Until next Friday.  . .

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