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My name is Mary Ann LeRay and my purpose is share "lessons learned" along my journey.
When waiting on the next train, we have the gift of pause. Enjoy these moments of reflection.

Power of Vulnerability

  When is the last time you felt vulnerable? Was it intentional or did you feel like it had happened …

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My Cup Overflows

Have you ever experienced blessings so abundant that your heart was going to explode? This week has been one of …

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Keep Digging

Ever wonder if what you are doing is making a difference? This is an overwhelming, heavy question for us as …

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Describe your Armor

When you hear the word “armor”, what images or feelings come to mind? Immediately I think of words like protection, …

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The Power of 3 Words

  Do you have a strategy to help you intentionally focus on your life’s goals? On New Year’s Day, it …

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Who is around you?

Have you looked lately to see who is around you? The 5 people that are in your space determine what …

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