My Cup Overflows

Have you ever experienced blessings so abundant that your heart was going to explode? This week has been one of supernatural overflow. I have been part of a group building a non-profit to feed people and we just celebrated the one year anniversary of the doors opening. Serving in the community has been part of … Read more

Keep Digging

Ever wonder if what you are doing is making a difference? This is an overwhelming, heavy question for us as we encounter roadblocks and challenges in our life. It is amazing to me how often we refer to this question when it requires so much of our heart, soul and mind to process. Typically, this … Read more

The Power of 3 Words

  Do you have a strategy to help you intentionally focus on your life’s goals? On New Year’s Day, it is popular to do a “reset” and make new resolutions and plans for the upcoming year. Then by February 1st, most people have forgotten about their decision or life just happened. Dr. John C. Maxwell … Read more

Beauty of the thorn

Summer is the season for breath taking beauty! My favorite flower is the rose. There are many messages this flower brings as we study the details of its beauty. At first we see the color of the bud, then the sweet smell and of course, all the beautiful green leaves to enhance the flower. There … Read more

Checking out

How often do you intentionally check out? What if we planned our lives the way we plan our vacations? This past week my family “checked out” of the hustle and bustle for a vacation to the mountains. When you kick your mind out of gear, you are able to reset, refocus, and recharge. I guess … Read more

Get a New Perspective

How are you seeing things these days? As a parent, I have taken so many pictures over the years of my child. From birthday parties to family vacations and sports events, our cameras have been in motion. One of our favorite things to do is go to the beach. I have captured so many pictures … Read more