As you think, so are you


Do you schedule time to think? Whatever you think about, you bring about. The greatest investment of your time is to think. So many people believe that taking time to think is a waste of time. Dr. John C. Maxwell wrote a book, “Thinking for a Change” which really impacted my thinking. The main theme of the book is how our thinking can impact our lives.

As a child growing up on our family farm, we had the opportunity and space  to think. At the time, we didn’t define our time walking and playing on the farm as thinking. However, now as an adult living back on the farm, I realize that the physical space has allowed and encouraged my whole family to create a routine of thinking.  Some of my favorite places to think are walking around the farm with our dog or standing in the barn listening to the horses eat hay.

In 2001, my husband and I made the decision to move to the family farm leaving our home in Colorado. We wanted our son to grow up near grandparents and learning the value of working on the farm. What is interesting is that I believe Joshua has learned more about how to be still, know and think by living on the farm.

Life is created by how we think. Everything stems back to our thoughts. Wayne Dyer said, “when you squeeze an orange, you get orange juice”. When life squeezes you, what flows from you? If you haven’t taken time to intentionally think about the life you are creating, you might be surprised at what pops out of your mouth.

Give yourself the gift of thinking. You will not be comfortable at first, but over time you will create a desire to spend time with your thoughts so that when life squeezes you, those around you will see and feel love, acceptance, and encouragement. After all, isn’t that we all want more of?    Until next Friday. . .

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