Who is around you?

Have you looked lately to see who is around you? The 5 people that are in your space determine what your life looks like. Your thought life is greatly impacted by those you spend the most time around. Are you content? I didn’t say satisfied. I said content. There is huge difference. You can be content and still desire more fulfillment in your life. Do the people around you stretch you to be, have and do more than you have done before?

If not, you need to make some serious changes in who is in your circle of influence.

Our culture today encourages comfort and pleasure. With all the choices and options, we still have a society of discontent and complacency. I have found that when I choose to surround myself with people who stretch my thinking, I am more content. Although I am often uncomfortable, there is a peace that passes all understanding.

My parents have taught me to step out on faith and live an adventurous life. When you continue to open yourself up to new people, new opportunities and ways of thinking, you get better and better at filtering for your life values. It is just like a bathtub of water. If you don’t unplug the tub and keep adding hot water, it will become cold and stale. It is important to unplug and tap into the new ideas to keep your life evolving.

This year I am celebrating 20 years in a career that continues to impact my thinking. I have the privilege of meeting new people every day. The mentors and coaches in my life are walking the walk. I have made the decision to keep my mind open to new ideas and ways of growing. “School is never out for the pro.” When you intentionally surround yourself with people who raise the bar, you become a better version of you. We are like tomatoes on a vine; either ripening or rotting. There is no status quo.

Stretch, reach, grow and enjoy a life of contentment. You will be a magnet for others who desire to become better versions of themselves. Take a moment today and look who is impacting your thinking. Life is a series of choices…chose well.


Until next Friday. . .


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