What is at the end of your rainbow?

Rainbows are fascinating to me. Every time I see one, the world stops for me. I am overwhelmed by what a little rain and sunshine can paint in the sky for us to see.

It’s a New Year. How are things going with your new goals and resolutions so far? Did you make any new ones or did you lightly walk into 2018 wondering if anything would be different this year?

The picture featured in the blog today is where I take my walks with my dog if it is too wet to walk around the farm. This particular morning was especially challenging to “get out the door” with all the things on my to do list. I’m so glad I made the effort so I could receive the gift waiting just for me. What a beautiful sight . . .  rainbow stretching over the family farm and the Home Place.

What is at the end of your rainbow? At the beginning of new year, we talk a lot about vision boards and how important it is to envision why you are working your game plan. When you know the WHY, the how is much easier to see.

The Home Place is where my grandparents raised a family in the middle of very tough economic times and managed to flourish in so many ways. This precious cottage represents many prayers prayed, laughter heard and meals prepared. One of the things at the end of my rainbow is restoring it back as a guest house so others can be nourished and renewed.

A plan has been written and work has begun on this project. There are many days that the work seems to be overwhelming and hard to see the end. I am grateful for all the reminders like the rainbow over the Home Place that continue to encourage me to take the next step.

When we continue to the next step, the staircase will be revealed along the way. John C. Maxwell says it best “it is not decision making but decision managing that is the key”. Anyone can make decisions, but it is the day to day managing of the mindset to see what is at the end of the rainbow that keeps us going.

So, what is at the end of your rainbow? Take time to walk, think, plan and create. I love how Mary Kay Ash said it, “whatever the mind conceives and believes, you can achieve.”

Until next Friday . . .

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