Suddenly it Happened

Can you recall a moment that something “suddenly happened”? Whether it is a good or bad moment, our God has known this moment was going to happen all along. Why?  Because He is our creator and knows everything.

As a new year dawns, we reflect on our previous year and start creating a game plan to support our goals and dreams. Sometimes we make BIG changes in every area when what we need is just a tweak. Life is a series of choices. Choices we make and then the choice in how we respond to choices others make and how it impacts us.

Once we have created a plan, it takes discipline for the habits to become a desire. When your habits become a desire, you are on your way to living with a delightful heart. Christmas is over or is it? January 6th marks the Day of Epiphany which is traditionally known as Old Christmas. This is the day that the Wise Men went to see the new born baby we celebrated on Christmas Day. They followed a bright star leading them to the stable in Bethlehem. Can you imagine what they were thinking while on their camels walking through the desert carrying precious gifts for a baby?

The STAR suddenly appeared or did it? God knew the plan and started putting things into place way before it was known to Mary, Joseph, the shepherds or Wise Men. Although God was leading the way, those involved still had a choice to listen and follow.

Every wonder why they chose to listen and follow? Perhaps it is because they all were disciplined in their habits which led them to the desire to listen to God’s promptings. We see all through the Christmas story the word “suddenly”. The angel appeared “suddenly”. The star “suddenly” appeared in the sky. What a gift we have to be able to read God’s word and see how prophecy was fulfilled!

God is doing a NEW thing “suddenly” this year. Our choice is to seek, listen and follow where He is leading. Many will be watching your life unfold and believe it was “sudden”. You will know that your discipline led to the desire to see your expectation fulfilled.

Merry Christmas and Happy Epiphany! Until next Friday . . .

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