If you show me, I will go

How many times do we say to ourselves “if I only knew what to do, I would do it.”?  We have unlimited resources and possibilities are astounding in our world. So many choices and options that it would take many lifetimes to explore all the options. So, how can we keeping asking ourselves “what shall I do?

What does “go” look like?  “Go” is nothing more, nothing less than preparation. Prepare your heart, soul, mind and body for the the next steps. We pray “Lord, if you show me, I will go.” He responds, “If you go, I will show you.”

We are creating a whole new world every day with ideas, visions, goals and dreams. Stepping out on faith requires us to “go”. We wonder how, where, what. It is not in the doing but in the becoming that we find our next steps. The fact that we are willing to seek new ways to transform ourselves to prosper in our thinking is leading the way. There is power in the process.

If you waited for all the lights to be green, you would never pull out of the driveway. I challenge you to “go” and prepare each day as if you were walking into your vision.

If you go, I will show you . . . okay, I am taking the first step. . . here we go! Keep climbing the staircase. . . unit next Friday.

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