It’s a New Decade!

Have you ever considered a celebration to be the beginning of something NEW? This past week my family went over the top to celebrate the beginning of a new decade. Now, I won’t share my birth date or year I graduated from high school, however, for those of you who really “get” this blog today will have an idea on the decade I am talking about.

“It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.”  Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Do you make it a practice to visit your dreams daily? How about surround yourself with dreamers? People who are talking about ideas, possibilities and visions are changing the world. This week my husband hopped on a sailboat for a few days to visit his dream. When I dropped him off, he said “getting a taste of what we are working for keeps me working”.  This comment reminded of the special celebration my family did for me this week. I was surrounded by family, friends, great food, beautiful weather and fabulous gifts. A moment like this doesn’t just happen overnight. Cultivating relationships is the key to fulfilling your dreams. John Maxwell says it best “if you can fulfill your dreams and goals yourself, they aren’t big enough.”

Is it taking a while for your dream to emerge? Good! While you are waiting, live your dream. Act as if you are already living your dream right now.  The SMILEY Emoji has exploded. We can communicate our thoughts in one emoji. Amazing isn’t it? Just like your 8 lb. head leading around your body. Your thoughts determine your beliefs which lead to your actions which create your life.

Scripture says that “old men will dream dreams and young men shall see visions” Acts 2:17 It takes all of us working, living and celebrating together to create a DECADE to remember.

Until next Friday . . .



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