Overlooking an opportunity?

Are you overlooking an opportunity? Let me introduce you to Josephine. She is our most recent addition to the family farm. A friend of my father called recently and asked if he would be interested in a mule. The man went on to explain that his father has passed away and this mule had been on his farm for years. They were looking for a home for this pitiful,  mule that seemed to be very old.

The mule had been living in a pasture with weeds and grass higher than her head and no other farm animals around. As you might imagine, my father was a little reluctant in saying yes, but he knew the mule probably wouldn’t live much longer and he wanted to help out a friend.

So, the day arrived when this pitiful, old mule was delivered to our farm. The two horses and pony were quite interested in meeting their new pasture mate. My father decided to name her Josephine. Over the next few weeks and months, we witnessed an amazing transformation. She started gaining weight and getting along beautifully with the other animals. Each morning she walks to the corner post, peers across the yard into my parent’s kitchen and brays. She has inspired not only the other farm animals but all of us. I love watching her lead the way as the animals graze in the pasture.

We can learn so much from animals if we will just stop, watch and listen. Are we missing opportunities right under our noses? Josephine needed a place to grow, thrive and be loved.  There are so many ordinary, perhaps old, ideas  or systems that still work. We tend to dismiss them because they are sitting in “pasture of weeds”. When we choose provide places for people, animals and ideas to grow, our souls are nourished.

In an effort to grow, stretch and impact the world, be mindful of the opportunities right in front of you that may not be so shiny. All that glitters is not gold.

Until next Friday. . .


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