What you do while you wait

Have you been working on something for while? Are you wondering if you are on the right path? What are YOU waiting for?

Timing is everything. There is time to work and a time to rest. Time to laugh and a time to cry. Time to think and a time to do. We live in a world that demands instant results and success. Games aren’t won on “game day”. Beautiful, breathtaking art isn’t created in a day. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Since we consciously know this truth, why do we allow our anxieties to take over and make us wonder why we are still waiting?

The truth will set you free. What is your truth? I am not talking about sharing your laundry and telling it all. I am suggesting you visit why you are on this journey. We get so consumed with the “how” that our “why” fades into the background and our daily grind loses its flavor. For all you of coffee lovers out there, I wonder if you picked up on that pun that totally jumped from my fingers.

We were born originals, and the world is beckoning us to live as copies. When you walk in your truth and share your authentic self, people stop and take notice. Have you noticed a trend for re-purposing items lately? Everything from restoring homes to searching for an original in an antique shop. There is mystery and magic in an original work of art.

Several years ago, a friend asked me to join her taking some art classes and learn how to paint with oils. We all stood in front of our blank canvases waiting for the next instructions. I remember hearing the teacher say, “these paintings will all be originals”. Perhaps they are similar but not exactly the same. I learned so much about myself that day while I painted my first landscape. As I listened to the art teacher explain the process, I began to believe that I was an artist. Maybe not Picasso or Michelangelo, but I was creating something. One thing I learned that day about painting with oils is that you can also go back to the original painting and add more colors, techniques and flavor.

“Make each day your masterpiece.” Coach John Wooden

There is a fresh canvas each morning when you wake up. We have an opportunity to create something new while waiting. Art galleries are full of mystery and magical pieces created by those who are “waiting”.

Embrace the waiting moments in your life and find ways to be creative on the journey (re-purpose yourself). Your authentic self will emerge giving you a whole new perspective about why you are waiting. And, when the thing you have been waiting for happens, you will know that you have been living it out all along.

Until next Friday. . .

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