Learning from our Children


What can we learn from our children? We have already been a toddler, gone to elementary school, endured middle school and been challenged in  high school. “Been there, done that!”

Today is my son’s, Joshua, 18th birthday. Just seems like yesterday that he was born in Longmont, Colorado. I will not bore you with all the sentimental details from a mother’s memory, however, I will share that today the memories are flooding in at I watch my adult child walk out the door to school.

So back to the blog question of the day. . . “What can we learn from our children?” or better yet, “can we learn from our children?” After all, we have been on the life journey way before they arrived. As parents, teachers, leaders, business owners, we assume that the next generation “gets us” and the world in which we live. Although there are certain “rites of passage” we pass onto our children, they are not learning them the same way.  Our world continues to transform at light speeds with new technology, learning methods and styles. Over the past 18 years, I have learned so much from my child. He has given me a huge opportunity to learn more about myself, see his way of doing things and see the world in a whole new light.

As a child, I always loved the effort that my parents put into making me feel special on my birthday. Now that I am a parent, I have realized that the celebration of a child’s birthday is also an opportunity for the parents to celebrate new ways of thinking. We are never meant to be status quo. Either we are ripening or rotting on the vine like a tomato. The greatest leadership book, The Bible, states in Romans 12:2 that “we shall be transformed by the renewing of our minds.”

So, today I will celebrate the transformation that has happened over the past 18 years in my son and myself. As he embarks on a new journey this year, I will continue to seek to understand what God is teaching me through the privilege of being a mother. Looking forward to seeing the world in a new way and learn more lessons as our family transitions to a new phase of life.

Thank you Joshua Beecher LeRay for embracing your individuality and standing strong in your values. You are a blessing to the world.

Parents . . . there is no book you can read that will teach you more than your children. Listen, watch, love and encourage them.

Until next Friday . . .

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