Remember the saucer

It’s the month for LOVE! The retail stores are full of red balloons, hearts, candy and gifts. Restaurants will be full of couples dining and affirming their “love for each other”.  Do you celebrate Valentines Day? Some believe it is just another way for the retail stores to bank some more cash after the Christmas season. Others plan out to the smallest detail what they will be doing for their loved one.

This year Valentines Day falls on Ash Wednesday which kicks off the season of Lent. The tradition of Ash Wednesday activities includes a Pancake Supper at our church and a worship service following reminding us the purpose of the season. There will be oil and palm branch ashes on the communion table and the minister and elders will be offering the congregation an opportunity for their heads to be “marked” with oil and ashes in the shape of a cross. It is our reminder that we have been marked with the “LOVE” of Christ.

This week I was talking with a friend about how to serve and minister to others. We live in a culture today where we drink from big coffee mugs and talk about simplifying our lives. Those who are planning weddings have a hard time finding a place to register for china because our view of hospitality has simplified over the years. People are cleaning out their attics and giving their china teacups and saucers to the local Goodwill. Why? We aren’t using them anymore.

I believe this is a sign for us to stop and pause to think about the purpose of  the “saucer”. We often talk about our perspective and whether our cup is half full or half empty. The saucer has been forgotten. It is only when we have overflow from our cups, do we appreciate the saucer. We are not meant to serve others from our cups. Ah, the purpose of the saucer!

Are you exhausted? Take out a cup and saucer from your cabinet for each member of your family and make a place setting to remind everyone to fill their cup first so the overflow may serve others. Don’t have a cup and saucer? Run to the nearest Goodwill and purchase your cup and saucer today. There will be plenty to choose from.

Until next Friday. . .

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