Welcome to my blog

My name is Mary Ann LeRay and my purpose is share "lessons learned" along my journey.
When waiting on the next train, we have the gift of pause. Enjoy these moments of reflection.

We get to enjoy this!

After a few weeks of not posting my Friday Blog, I received this email from Rob Hatch. I subscribe to […]

Wow Mom

It’s Mothers Day weekend! A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog post about my mother and how much […]

Unity in Diversity

This past week our nation set aside May 3rd as the National Day of Prayer. It was the 30th anniversary […]

Overlooking an opportunity?

Are you overlooking an opportunity? Let me introduce you to Josephine. She is our most recent addition to the family […]

It’s a New Decade!

Have you ever considered a celebration to be the beginning of something NEW? This past week my family went over […]

Peaks and Valleys

Do you love to ride rollercoasters? I have a couple of favorites. One is Loch Ness Monster at Busch Gardens […]
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