Welcome to my blog

My name is Mary Ann LeRay and my purpose is share "lessons learned" along my journey.
When waiting on the next train, we have the gift of pause. Enjoy these moments of reflection.

Who is your inspiration?

Who is your inspiration? This week Reverend Billy Graham changed his address and left this earth and now is in […]

It’s about that time!

Do you like to wait? We are always waiting for something . . . results, someone we love, or something […]

Remember the saucer

It’s the month for LOVE! The retail stores are full of red balloons, hearts, candy and gifts. Restaurants will be […]

Learning from our Children

  What can we learn from our children? We have already been a toddler, gone to elementary school, endured middle […]

What you do while you wait

Have you been working on something for while? Are you wondering if you are on the right path? What are […]

Your story is not meant for you

My story is not for me? Really? I thought for sure my story was meant for me. After attending a […]
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