It’s about that time!

Do you like to wait? We are always waiting for something . . . results, someone we love, or something to change. Why is it so hard and painful to wait? A few weeks ago I wrote the blog on what shall we do while we wait. I invite you to check it out. This week I want to talk about the gifts of waiting.

The picture posted here this week is my son when he was about 3 years old helping us water the plants in the garden. As we worked together planting, we received lots of questions about WHY. Why do we water? Why do you plant in rows? Why do plant so many inches apart? Why are we planting at all? We tend to ask lots of questions while we wait. Questions we may not ask if we weren’t waiting.

The gifts of waiting is a divine plan. If we knew the answers to everything right here, right now, we would absolutely be overwhelmed. The world we see today is only 10% of the big picture. There is so much more than meets the eye. 90% of the meaning is hidden underneath just like an iceberg. The waiting game forces us to listen. When we have done all we can do, it is time to become more.

We are called to seek ways to transform and prosper in our lives. There is no desire to seek without the waiting period. This past Wednesday kicked off a season of waiting called Lent. One of my friends called to my attention that “lent” is found in the word “valentine”. Interestingly enough this year, Valentines Day was also Ash Wednesday. I invite you to read more about Ash Wednesday from last week’s blog.

Lent is a season of waiting and reflection. We have to stop, listen and look for the hidden meaning of our waiting. Just like the word “lent” hidden in the word “valentine”.  There are so many beautiful gifts received while waiting. Unfortunately, we don’t recognize them until the waiting is over. If you are still reading, I can imagine that you are expecting me to share the many gifts of waiting.

This is the most exciting part . . . the gifts are different for every person and unlimited. Just like the iceberg principle where 90% of the impact is hidden. And, in the garden with a 3 year old watering plants explaining the power is hidden underneath the dirt. Embrace the waiting periods in your life and know that a breakthrough is coming. When the breakthrough happens, use the gifts you have received to transform your life and prosper in your thinking.

Until next Friday . . .

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