We get to enjoy this!

After a few weeks of not posting my Friday Blog, I received this email from Rob Hatch. I subscribe to his email each week and often inspired by his perspective. The following email especially touched my heart because we were sharing the same life moment with our child graduating from high school. Over the past few weeks, I have been doing lots of brainstorming on topics to write about. I am so looking forward to getting back to my writing after a mountain top experience this past month. So for now, enjoy my online friend, Rob Hatch. Be sure to subscribe as I have provided his information below. Until next Friday . .  .

Hey there, Mary Ann-

In a few days, my oldest son will graduate from high school.

May and June are hectic months for anyone. Add kids to that mix and it’s a blur of end-of-year activities. Plop a heaping measure of graduation in there and honestly, it’s a wonder I’m able to compose a single thought.

I can see the added stress in the eyes of my wife as she pulls together all that needs to happen.

I can feel my stress increase as I work on projects and also prepare to host our family for the weekend.

But that’s all normal. It’s supposed to be this way. He’s our first child. This is an important moment.

We Get to Enjoy This

On my ride home from meeting with a coaching client, I found myself with a few quiet minutes in the car. I called my wife.

I wanted to take that sliver of silence and connect. I wanted to remind her (and myself) that all that is happening around us is good.

Our son is graduating. He is a great kid. He is surrounded by friends and family, who love and support him. He is who we raised him to be and so much more.

He has arrived at this moment, and we are celebrating his accomplishments, because of the choices we made together and the circumstances we navigated as a family.

And none of the planning, organizing, and coordinating should keep us from being present to witness this celebration of his success.

The reason you and I work as hard as we do, is to be able to bask in the moments that matter.

We get to enjoy this.

Have a great week.


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Rob Hatch

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